Welcome!! :D

If you've made it here, this website is a work in progress for my massage therapy business! 
I am currently still sorting out the different odds and ends of starting a business but I'm so excited to work for myself and share my abilities with anyone interested in receiving massage therapy! I'm planning on opening my doors on April 2nd, 2020! 

To start I'll be offering basic services like:

-Swedish massage

-Therapeutic massage

-Hot Stone massage

-Prenatal massage 

But eventually I also want to work with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as I believe massage therapy could be very beneficial and have positive long term effects! 

My current plan is to sign a lease for a space by March and to start taking clients by April! This is all for now! Just thought I'd get something up here and going! 

I'm currently reachable at Jilliand.lmbt@gmail.com 

If you want to schedule an appointment online follow this link: https://www.massagebook.com/biz/JillianGraceMT